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Yay! Introduction post! Been meaning to do this for a while XD I am incredibly lacking in time.

Anyways, my name is Laura, and I am a Magic player from Scotland!

I started playing during shards of Alara and have been hooked ever since by the wonderful world of Magic the Gathering.
I love the story, the art the flavour and of course, the game :D
I am a MASSIVE collector. On top of those Planeswalkers, I also have Angels, Portal 3 Kingdoms and every card I can find that depicts artwork of a horse of some kind ;D

I can’t draw to save my life….but I adore altered art cards. A good friend of mine does beautiful ones, such as my Jenara, my current general for EDH.
Speaking of EDH I have also attached a picture of 5 cards which I think sum up my current EDH deck incredibly well. *Troll face*

Also I am cosplayer! I started a Chandra (manga version) cosplay which you can see….it involved mass wig dying to get the fiery look but I was really happy with it. Just need to find the time to finish the outift XD
I am also planning Innistrad Lilli and a Fem!Jace, which I am massively excited about :D 

I think that’s it XD Thanks for reading!


Hi, I’m Marissa and here’s a brief(?) overview about my history with Magic:

I had gone to PAX in 2010, knowing very little about MtG and mostly going for the video games, discussion panels, and concerts. They gave us grab bags at registration that contained all sorts of promos and goodies, including a little mono-colored 30 card Planeswalker deck. A few weeks after returning home, I got roped into learning how to play. I learned with the 30 card mono-green/Garruk deck that I had gotten at PAX and eventually bought and added the green/red core set intro deck. I ended up taking out the red and basically played mono-green overrun.

After weeks of stomping my friends into the ground, I decided to try my deck out in a tournament - FNM at my wonderful local game store (that I stumbled into while looking for miniatures/paints/brushes for D&D). First round I was getting creatures out, feeling pretty good about myself (since my opponent was only playing land)…then I died to Valakut. I had no idea what was going on, but quickly discovered that there was so much more to the game than I had realized. 

Since then I’ve gotten considerably better (not the best in our store by far, but I can hold my own as long as I don’t get careless). I mostly play standard now, but I also really enjoy draft, sealed, and my most favorite is two-headed giant. I also have a Doran, The Siege Tower EDH deck, but rarely play EDH anymore, and I play modern once in a great while (not a huge fan of broken combos).

For a long time I ran mono-white knights (after Student of Warfare and Knight Exemplar rotated out of standard, I threw in Æther Vial and a few other cards and it became my modern deck), after Innistrad came out I played UB zombies (actually had this exact deck made - minus the sideboard - and a few weeks later it won GP Lille) eventually changed to RB zombies, and now after Avacyn Restored have now settled on green/white humans (including Champion of LambholtMirran CrusaderHero of BladeholdSilverblade Paladin, and Sword of War and Peace - obviously not a human though). 

I’m lucky enough to share a card pool with my boyfriend (pictured here beating up on Craig Wescoe in their featured match at the Salt Lake GP - he actually beat Wescoe!), his sister Jessica (also my best friend), and her husband. So between the four of us, we basically have a playset (sometimes two) of every card from Scars block forward - including full art Game Day promos, buy a box promos, most every kind of promo…>.>

We play FNM most every Friday (there are always at least two girls - Jessica and me - occasionally another will randomly drop in) , the guys generally always play in any PTQs or GPTs they can and went to the GP in Salt Lake in March, but I mostly just prefer to stick to the less-competitive FNM-esque type tournaments. We are planning to go to San Jose in October though, so I’ll likely post more about that the sooner it approaches. :) 

Other than Magic, I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, most video games with a good storyline (and occasionally a game of CoD zombies), painting Warhammer armies, D&D, board games, card games, and most everything else nerdy.

Anyhoo, it’s great to meet all of you and I’m super excited to be a part of this amazing blog!


Hi All! I’m finally getting around to my introduction post here at LadyMTG. 

I’m Jess! I’ve been playing Magic since Dissension during Ravnica. I played casually until early Zendikar when I started frequenting FNM. I work at a card shop and I am convinced I have the best job with the best people in the world. 

I do a lot of alter work and I really enjoy it. I also do some digital art and one day I want to be good enough to do actual art for Wizards that’ll show up on real Magic: the Gathering cards. I’m working on becoming a Rules Adviser and eventually a judge. I absolutely love Mill, and my favorite card is definitely Archive Trap. I have two EDH decks and I’m working on a third, if you’d like, we should play sometime! 

As far as my work here at Lady MTG, I’d like to host discussions about strategies and cards in order to show we’re more than just pretty faces! 

If you’re interested, my personal Tumblr is Mill Matters, at: 
Stop by for some alters, fan art, stories and maybe a little humor. It’s great to be a part of Lady MTG, and I can’t wait to get started!

Hey everyone(:

I’m a new member of Lady MTG. My names Aly, I’m 19 and I’ve been playing Magic since January of this year. It’s amazingly fun and I’ve met a lot of awesome people because of it.

That happens to be my face(: