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No, thank you Wizards.



No, thank you Wizards.



A design I came up with featuring my 3 favorite colors.


A design I came up with featuring my 3 favorite colors.


Newest commission.


Newest commission.


Elspeth, Chandra, and Liliana cosplay at GP Buenos Aires 2014

Photos by Sabrina H.



quick edit I put together.

There are things that are not okay and this is definitely one of them.



quick edit I put together.

There are things that are not okay and this is definitely one of them.

Quick Update!

Hey everyone!!!

Just a small update since we’ve recently gotten some inbox messages after one of our recent members made a post about her Legacy tournament experience.

When you send inbox messages to the LadyMTG blog, the only person who gets to see/respond to them is VedalkenGhurl. I’ve tried to publish any responses that y’all wanted to get to the member who wrote it so she can respond in another post! I’m sure she can link her blog in that post, too, if she wants y’all to get a hold of her.

I hope you’ll all join me in congratulating her for her winning record and remark on how amazing that article was. I just spent at least half an hour going over it and I’m so impressed with her for taking all of that with a smile. That was a rough day and she deserves to be congratulated for it!

To that member of LadyMTG, I’m proud of you. It seems like you have a very supporting significant other and I hope you know that you have myself and our followers behind you 24/7. I’m so impressed with you and I hope you’ll be able to experience a less-awful time at tournaments in the future. I’m so glad you wrote about it because you needed to be heard and that’s what I want this blog to be about. Feel free to message me on my blog to talk.

Until next time, everyone, happy playing!


My First Legacy Tournament. The Good and the Bad.

I have been practicing Merfolk all week for an upcoming Modern GP and was offered the cards to expand the list and play legacy Merfolk. 

Watching Star City legacy coverage is really my only knowledge of the format.

It was a long odd day - I managed to come 10th out of 59.

3 hours sleep, get up and get ready to drive people the No Proxy Tournament it is an hour away, so we are car pooling.

$4000 worth of prizes, Black Lotus for the winner.

Wake up feeling icky, exit house, throw up in bushes beside car.

Drive to first pickup, swap driving duties with my partner but he is probationary driver so I still have to focus on road past my ever increasing headache.

Start wondering if I should still enter.

$50 is a lot of money to spend on a format I haven’t played before.

Painkillers and a energy drink later, I’m good to go.

Get to tourney, register, decklist, borrow cards, fret about the meta.

Pairings go up, 1st Round is against Pox.
Win easily, no major misplays, maybe this will be ok.


2nd round Junk with scavenging ooze, deathrite, goyf, lingering souls.

Win game one and start to side board when I suddenly develop a violent blood nose.

Try to stop bleeding, not damage borrowed wastelands, daze and FOW.

Struggle to exit crowded row, not bleed on people, myself and keep apologising to the people I bump all at the same time.

The ladies room is locked, back track, get key, all the while trying not to bleed EVERYWHERE.

Deal with that (even though the toilet paper was one of those monsters that only lets you have one sheet at a time ), it is gross and now I can’t stop sniffling.

Come back and judge gives us 7 min extra time. Both opponent and judge were very nice about the whole thing.

I am now completely on tilt, opponent jokes that so is he and it makes me slightly less embarrassed about the whole thing.

End up winning second hand, Meerow Reejery is star player tapping down blockers all over the place. I have been reading about how people are liking the new M14 Tidehollow as a answer for Goyf but Meerow seems to do the job just fine.


Unexpected but cool.

Lose 3rd round to one of the event organisers who was running a sweet Delver/Snapcaster/ Young Pyromancer deck.

So MANY elementals.


Round 4 is against Sneak and Show.

Lose first game to turn 2 Emrakul.

Side in all counters, win games 2 and 3 despite a wasteland misplay where I got rid of his only island so my merdudes had nowhere to islandwalk to.


Play against the friend who lent me the extra cards. He asks for his counter magic and wastelands back. He is playing Elves. Each of his turns takes forever but the friendly face is nice. I counter the wrong part of the combo and lose on turn 3 both games. We still almost go to time.


No chance for me to make top 8 but if my breakers are good I could help my friend go through. Opponent asks me to concede because he has a chance. I explain that I can’t. So we start to play. It is another Jundy deck. All I see is a Bob before he is dead. He asks again for me to concede. I again politely explain that I was sponsored and my breakers could matter to my friend. He wins 2nd game because of a misplay of mine (again involving wasteland) and clever Deathrite shenanigans. I board in dismembers and wistfully wish for my modern spreading seas. Get there in game 3 by countering, killing everything and Meerow Reejerey tapping down Goyf for the win.

He again asks me to concede and not nicely. It is almost mean. It makes me uncomfortable and I don’t know how to be rude to a stranger. I have said No three times and he is still trying to badger me. I am debating calling the Judge but I am unsure about the politics of such a thing. Calling for gameplay stuff is one thing, calling for unpleasantness is another.  Sitting to my right is a friend who has heard everything and he snaps at him. After being scolded he finally gives in and signs the results sheet. The whole things leave me with a bad taste in my mouth and this time it is not blood.

My Final result is 4-2, one friend makes top 8 and ends up coming third. My winnings are 5 packs of Modern Masters, which is worth more than my entry. I ended up 10th overall.

Not bad for a first showing, I should be more than happy.

Except I am not.

The stuff above should be all there is to me recounting my first legacy tournament, the matches, the errors, the weird happening that make magic fun. Support of friends. Bad days turned good by going well. Teamwork, all that stuff was there today but it was by far the worst magic experience I have ever had.

Stop reading now if women talking about sexism offend you.

I was the only girl there.

Tallest person and the only one with purple hair.

I went better than everyone in my car pool (4-2),  playing a deck I had never played before with some cards I hadn’t even seen before.

Every guy I sat down across from assumed he had the easy win because I was his opponent (there is a way ladies will recognise where their face lights up in a very patronising way), every guy who lost to me sulked, huffed or was rude when he lost.

I am lucky that I play Thurs Draft, FNM and weekend Modern at a great local store, where I am a regular. I love magic and on my turf it is the most fun I have in the week. I have traveled to attend GP’s, I have even played Modern at today’s game store in the past. I have had mild discomfort playing against difficult folk but generally I can shrug it off.

Not today. My day started bad. I own that.

When met with the frowns, scowls and looks of distaste I donned my armour of being the better person.

What other alternative is there?

I was polite, friendly, cheerful despite my headache and nerves.

I was very apologetic to the guy I nearly bled on.

I would have happily taken a game loss, I was mortified by the whole thing.

Only to hear him later with his friends joking about how the girl started bleeding when he was playing her.

We were there for 7 hours. Crowded shop, people mingling and socialising, scouting out other decks. All the while you could see people you played and you can hear them talking to their mates.

Dissecting wins, loses, misplays. But they don’t dissect me they dismiss playing me and move on. Like it wasn’t a real loss. So my wins don’t count as real wins?

Often saying awful hurtful things about my size, hair and appearance. There was pointing and laughing more than once.

So I grinned, bore it and fumed inside.

I will say that the Pox player I beat in round one who was quiet short with me/depressed after the game came up to me after the whole thing and congratulated me for going well. Which was nice. I could see it cost him to come and say that, and that maybe I had mistaken his shyness for rudeness. And round one losses suck. So he was redeemed and forgiven.

I did well, I should be happy.

My goal was to win one match and I won four. 

My fella was way more chuffed over the whole thing than me.

Every match he would tell his opponent how well I was doing, hearing it kept me going.

It is nice to know that the good ones are as good as the bad ones are bad.

While people were trading cards at the end I found myself thinking about the Pox player who came up at the last, and I try to convince myself that maybe I mistook some looks/demeanours. But I can’t erase the jeers, points and overheard mean comments.

On the way home I snap and Yell at the guys I am driving home (not my guy who was hella proud and turned on by my prowess) after they too start in on how my doing well didn’t have anything to do with me.

The comment that breaks me is one guy suggesting that my blood nose was because of nerves. (i haven’t had a blood nose that I can remember in years).

Innocent comment I guess…

But I had a moment of disconnect as I wondered if he would ever have made that comment about any of the other people in the car. He knows how long I have been playing. He knows I can play and beat the best people we know….and yet. Woman, nerves, bleeding. Ha. Ha.

It is one thing to brush of the casual sexism of strangers, another to take it from friends.

The friend to had called out my final opponent on his bad behaviour thought he had to step in stand up for me. Yay him for doing it. I am proud I am friends with the guy who can step up. But some part of me is mad at that too, I would have handled it. Judge or no judge.

I call them on their shit.

I take out a days worth of awfulness on friends.

Because I have had a day of it and I am done.

The players in the car are supposed to be friends.

This is supposed to be fun.

In response, one of them actually ignores my scolding rant and jokingly asks my fella if he has to deal with this shit all the time. Meaning both me complaining about sexism AND me telling him off like he is a child.

My guy turns, grins and squeezes my thigh (for comfort or to restrain me from pulling over and throwing them out) and says “Yeah! Good isn’t it.” with a voice full of pride.

Love him, Love him, Love him!

What is remarkable is that today like most other times I play MTG I heard the familiar lament of “I wish I had a girlfriend who played…”

That phrase has become a pet hate. I have to fight all the time to play and be respected as a MTG player. To not be dismissed or overlooked.

Every woman I know who plays has had the bad experience that soil the good so bad you wonder why you play at all.

I want to scream, rant and shout every time. Really!?

You want a woman you love to experience this?

Every time I hear it I can’t help but stop and asses them in my mind wondering if they would be strong enough to stand up for her, or to help her stand up for herself. Are they good enough no to sulk when she wins. Will they hold grudges or dismiss her achievements. Are they aware enough to see what is happening, that playing for her is different from them.

The answer is normally no.

And it is such an awful thought to think about someone, about friends.


Am I going to play legacy again?

I really liked my deck, I liked going well, I like seeing all these cards I have never seen before. I even liked watching an elves player take 30mins to have 1 turn. I got to see dredge really go for it, I was grinning like a fool when turn 2 Emrakul hit me in the face.

And there was this guy there with a mono green pauper deck that ended up going 2-4.

The decks are diverse and fun.

I will give it one more go, but if I have another day of like I had today -
I might just stick with what I know.

There were lots of clever custom magic T-shirts at today’s event.

Arriving home I saw a post here on tumblr for a shirt that said

"I can’t wait until men are illegal."

I wonder if I would get in trouble for wearing it to a MTG tournament.

I wonder if most players would get the joke.








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